Our institutional clients

At Hang Seng Investment, we are dedicated to devise customized investment management solutions to align the goals of our institutional clients.

Take a look at the clients we are serving to know more about how we partner with our institutional investors.

Official institutions

Supporting central banks and government organizations on their prudent investment requirements. We strive to deliver our investment expertise to capture sustainable returns from a diverse and complementary investment philosophy and process.

With the official institutions being a major advocate to lead the concept of responsible investing in the market, we share the pride to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment approach with the aim to enhance the risk-adjusted investment returns in a sustainable manner.

Pension schemes

Constructing tailored investment portfolios for pension scheme providers and ultimately to help prepare client's members for retirement.

Our passive investment capability enables us to position ourselves as an expertized investment manager and investment agent in the pension universe. HSVM have an extensive experience in managing MPF retirement funds since 2003. A variety of our managed index funds and ETFs, from broad-based market coverage to thematic exposures, are approved Index-Tracking Collective Investment Schemes (“ITCIS”) by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (“MPFA”) in Hong Kong.

Insurance companies

Partnering with insurers to customize a unique portfolio with strategic asset allocation and risk management solutions. HSVM have extensive experience in managing both equities and fixed income portfolios for insurance companies with a strong understanding in the ever-changing strategic asset allocation target across our client’s assets.

With fixed income as the backbone of the investment portfolios of an insurance company, we focus on building a core investment with quality holdings to lay a strong investment foundation. Our expertise also lies in tailor-made liability matching portfolios with specific insurance policies background. On the other hand, we respond to the client’s investment ideas timely by facilitating the addition of various thematic exposures to the equities portfolio.

We are aware that investment reporting for insurance companies is a significant area of concern from our clients. For instance, our strong valuation and reporting team enable the generation of customized fixed income attribution report to bifurcate the curve effect, spread movement and carry to give a holistic visualization on the performance of the portfolio.

Endowments and foundations

Managing endowment and foundation investments with a wide range of investment strategies.

Achievement of capital preservation and a steady long term return are of the utmost importance to our endowment and foundation clients. We are experienced in managing clients across different risk appetite with a great confidence to devise an optimal asset allocation.

With regard to our client’s investment needs, we can flexibly accommodate the clients with strategies ranging from total return-oriented, income-oriented, and/ or ESG thematics to manage volatility within their portfolios.

Listed corporations

Reaching out to external asset managers allows listed corporations to focus on their main business objective and strike a better balance on their strategic priorities. We are able to meet the investment needs of listed corporations with both discretionary portfolio investment and by offering investment advisory services.

Upon understanding our client’s investment needs, we could share with our clients the market outlook and fund manager’s viewpoints on macro fundamental analysis and investment insights. These advisories encompass the level of general market, of any particular asset class, and on any specific market industry depending on our client’s areas of interest.

We offer a comprehensive range of investment solutions across different asset classes and product types, including but not limited to investment funds, foreign currency investments, structured products, and etc.


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