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We have recently noticed a fake mobile investment application that uses Hang Seng trademark and is available for download through third-party links, enticing users to participate in fraudulent investment activities.
Please be aware that this fake mobile investment application has no relationship with Hang Seng Bank and the Bank’s subsidiaries. Please remain vigilant and do not download or install the application.


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Hang Seng S&P 500 Index ETF (3195/9195)

One & only close proxy of the S&P 500 index listed in Hong Kong, pens up a new investment horizon

A recognised leader: HSVM wins 13 industry awards in 2023

Hang Seng Investment (HSVM) is devoted to accelerating excellence. From best-in-class services to fund performance to spearheading innovation, our drive to excel continues to earn us widespread recognition from industry professionals, market specialists and the public with 13 accolades in 2023.

Hang Seng Investment Launches Official LinkedIn Account

We are excited to embark on this new social media initiative and continue to grow with you. Whether you are an individual or an institutional investor, we are here to help you achieve your goals and seize opportunities in dynamic markets.

Select Hong Kong Bond with Attractive Income Opportunities

With extensive experience across the Hong Kong, Asian and global markets, HSVM provides a wide range of income solutions for institutional and retail clients. Let’s learn more about our award-winning Hang Seng Hong Kong Bond Fund.

Welcome two more overseas Depositary Receipts (“DRs”) choosing flagship ETFs of Hang Seng Investment as the underlying investments

Following the launch of the two DRs in November 2023 by Bualuang Securities in Thailand, two more DRs each investing in the Tracker Fund of Hong Kong and Hang Seng TECH Index ETF respectively have been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in the first week of January 2024 by KGI Securities Thailand^, offering Thai investors the opportunity to invest in the two ETFs in Hong Kong market. ^Source: Stock Exchange of Thailand, as of 05 Jan 2024

HSVM Eligible ETFs under ETF Connect

This inclusion reflects HSVM’s deep market expertise in the ETF market and strong cross-boundary capabilities, with responsibility for three out of the eight ETFs that are currently eligible for southbound trading.

Hang Seng Investment – Global Asset Allocation Planning

Hang Seng Investment provides different asset allocation strategies for investors with different risk orientations to help them achieve financial objectives

HSVM Marked 1st Anniversary as the manager of Tracker Fund of Hong Kong

Hang Seng Investment marked its 1st anniversary as the manager of Tracker Fund of Hong Kong, with a record high asset under management.

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