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Cumulative Performance and 5-Year Performance (As of )

  3Mths 6Mths 1Yr 3Yrs 5Yrs Since Launch

Cumulative Performance and 5-Year Performance (As of )

  3Mths 6Mths 1Yr 3Yrs 5Yrs Since Launch

10-Year Annual Performance (As of )


10-Year Annual Performance (As of )


Tracking Difference and Tracking Error
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Tracking Difference and Tracking Error (As of )
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Rolling 1-Year Tracking Error (TE)
Actual Tracking Difference Since Listing
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Holdings (As of )

Total Net Asset Value Number of Stocks Held Number of Units Outstanding Asset Allocation Stock Asset Allocation Cash and Cash Equivalents
Stock Name Stock Code Listing Exchange Sector Weighting (as a % of the total net asset value of the Fund)

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Dividend History

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It is expected that the market price per Unit in the Fund will normally approximate its net asset value (NAV) per Unit. However, due to the forces of market supply and demand, market price per Unit of the Fund may differ from the NAV per Unit of the Fund, which is calculated by adding the market value of stocks it holds, cash, and other assets of the Fund, subtracting its liabilities, and dividing the result by the number of Units outstanding.
You can buy or sell Units of the Fund through your broker or bank securities account anytime during trading hours of the SEHK. The transaction costs in respect of dealing in Units in the Fund are listed below for reference. Please refer to the Hong Kong Offering Document of the Fund for details.

Brokerage Fee
Market rates
SFC Transaction Levy 0.0027% 1
Financial Reporting Council (“FRC”) Transaction Levy 0.00015% 2
SEHK Trading Fee 0.00565% 3
Stamp Duty Nil
1 SFC Transaction Levy of 0.0027% of the trading price of the Units is payable by each of the buyer and the seller.
2 FRC transaction levy of 0.00015% of the trading price of the Units is payable by each of the buyer and the seller.
3 SEHK Trading Fee of 0.00565% of the trading price of the Units is payable by each of the buyer and the seller.
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^An eligible ETF in Stock Connect for Southbound trading. Mainland China investors should check with brokers for more information.


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